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November, 2012

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven"~Ecclesiastes 3:1 "I know that everything God does will remain forever; there is nothing to add to it and there is nothing to take from it, for God has so worked that men should fear Him."~Ecclesiastes3:14

The above verse from Ecc 3:1 was given to me at a dinner with Pastor Povel; we had no translator, but stumbled through the evening. As I shared the closing of BOL, Pastor got his English Bible…and pointed our verse. What a precious time it was as we shared tears together and lots of laughter and memories of times we had worked together in the past. For sure Pastor and his family are a special gift from the Lord as we started the journey of visiting recipients of the boxes. Today as I reread the chapter the 14th verse was an affirmation of what BOL has done will continue, because of GOD and His plan, not ours.

This will be the last newsletter from BOL, and no pictures…there will be pictures posted on the internet if you want to see some of the recent photos from activities at BOL. We currently have closed out all of the warehouses, except one. This one has boxes to be shipped to Ukraine, after the holidays...it is always a better time to ship due to the increase of shipping.

We have shipped 2 sea containers with Food for the Poor, one to El Salvador and the other to Nicaragua, which finishes our container shipping. We have been able to dispose of the trailers, but have 2 docks to sell. We have used them for loading docks, but are really the kind that goes in the lake for a platform. :o) The trip to Ukraine was a blessing and a gift for Jeanette and me to be able to meet those receiving the boxes and share the stories of boxes over the years of shipping. Telling them that we would no longer ship after this next load was difficult, but we found that GOD had prepared the way and worked out some really great solutions.

We heard stories of how the gifts had met needs and opened doors for the sharing of the Gospel, lives changed! We also saw the churches taking a more active roll in supplying needs to that in need and befriending many because of it. God is working through the churches and blessing them as they give and share their gifts with others. If you did not receive the emails from the trip, contact me and I will be happy to get a copy to you. There are lots of stories to tell, form visiting Pliskov, Ladegeon, homes, churches, pastors, and neighbors. Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial gifts over the years, along with the tangible gifts so that we might share with others that they might share with those in need.

Please find enclosed the invitation to the 12 year celebration of BOL…we would love to have you attend, but if not, would you be willing to send your note about BOL and involvement over the years, that we might share with others? So many folks have helped in so many ways over the years. We want to share stories at the luncheon…looking forward to hearing from you...

Blessings of Joy as you celebrate this Thanksgiving & Christmas season.
In His Grip,
Karen Metzger